I'M GISELLE ZART :)​​​​​​​
As a designer and illustrator, my curiosity is a force that moves me to new experiences. My background in technology and visual communication is between conceptualizing, thinking guidelines, visual details and design digital interactions, combining multiple points of contact between brands and people. Throughout my journey, I have adopted an experimental approach to my work, seeing the world through an imaginative kaleidoscope and keeping empathy as a central part of my creative process.
Since I started working with design and the internet, I have been concerned about applying I've applied usability, heuristic analysis, and experimentation in collaborative solutions. With over five years in information technology sector, I've honed skills in UI/UX design, user research, data analysis, design systems, and co-creation for e-commerce, marketplaces, and financial services.
I've transitioned through diverse design fields, working in visual communication, illustration, and digital design across agencies, consultancies, startups, and industry. My experience spans low-code projects and crafting websites and e-commerce solutions for small businesses. I thrive on hands-on creation, perpetual growth, and learning. ✨
Selected clients
XP Inc.
Banco do Brasil
Fundação Hermann Hering
Henry Schein
Serasa Experian